ENGINE Oil Changes

Engine oil in vehicles needs to be changed every 3000 miles. It is one of the simplest and cheapest maintenance services you can perform to protect your vehicle for the long run. Engine oil functions as the blood of an engine, which not only lubricates all the moving parts of an engine, it also plays a part to seal the pistons, ring in the cylinders and cool components. Even though oil change is a relatively simple and convenient act of maintenance, an oil change can be the difference between your car operating optimally or your engine malfunctioning. Put simply, routine oil changes are essential for good engine health, and they prevent further damage from occurring due to knock-on effects. Here at Ultimate Car Care, we use the highest quality motor oil which is perfect for your vehicle’s engine, ensuring that we fill your oil to the optimal amount, allowing your engine to run and function smoothly.

How Often Should You
Change Your Engine Oil?

The oil filter, on the other hand works to trap any contaminations present in the oil before the oil can be circulated in the engine. In the event of irregular oil changing, oil will break down and lose all its lubrication properties. This could lead to the formation of varnish and mud which can build up within your vehicle’s engine eventually leading to hefty repairs. Come to the experts at Ultimate Car Care in Little Elm, TX for a perfect customer experience. Because of the severe weather of Little Elm, The Colony and Frisco, TX, it is recommended that you replace your vehicle’s engine oil and filter after every 3000 miles. It is a proven fact that the best way to maintain your vehicle in first-class condition and have your car continue running for hundreds of thousands of kilometers is to get timely oil and filter replacements. Providing Little Elm, The Colony, Frisco, TX, and surrounding areas with quality oil change services:

Our experts can also examine any manufacturers recommended maintenance services that may be needed. During your oil change service at Ultimate Car Care, our mechanics will thoroughly check your vehicle’s:

So, why wait for something to go wrong with your car before bringing it for a checkup? Tending to your vehicle’s regular maintenance requirements is an ideal and inexpensive way to ensure that it runs better, longer – without having to go through some of those expensive repairs. Regular oil changes, filter checks, inspections, fluid changes, etc are all simple and less pricey ways through which you can ensure that your car is running at its optimal performance. Whether your vehicle requires a basic oil change or you an intricate brake or transmission repairs, our garage in Little Elm, TX has a welcoming and knowledgeable team that are always ready to serve you.

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